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Product Name: Horizontal Lathe LC41





·  Powerful precision gear head lathe with cost effective.;

·  Need not change any gears you can turn all the metric and inch thread indicating in chart;

·  Three points support for spindle for the machine;

·  Clutch in apron for safety and for changing apron feed direction without changing spindle running direction.


Standard Accessories:


·  3-Jaw chuck and adapter 200mm

·  4-Jaw chuck and adapter 320mm

·  Face plate 300mm

·  Staedy and follow rest

·  Thread chasing dial

·  MT 6/4 sleeve

·  Oil gun

·  Wrenches

·  Operation manual


Optional Accessories:


·  Taper turning attachment

·  Driving plate 200mm

·  Quick change tool post


Main Technical Data of the Machine:




Swing over bed

410 mm

Swing over cross slide

255 mm

Swing in gap

580 mm

Length of gap

250 mm

Distance between centers

1000 mm / 1500 mm

Width of bed

250 mm


Spindle nose


Spindle bore

52 mm

Taper of spindle bore

No.6 Morse

Range of spindle speed

16 changes 45-1800 r/min

Feeds and Threads of compound rest

102 mm of cross slide

210 mm

Leadscrew pitch


Max.Section of tool

20 × 20 mm

Longitudinal feeds range


Cross feeds range

0.025-0.85 mm

Metric threads range

39 kinds 0.2-14 mm

Inch threads range

45 kinds 2-72T.P.I.

Diametrical pitches range

21 kinds 8-44 D.P.

Module pitches range

18 kinds 0.3-3.5 M.P.


Dia.of tailstock sleeve

50 mm

Travel of tailstock sleeve

120 mm

Morse taper of tailstock sleeve

No.4 Morse

Cross adjustment

±13 mm


Power of main motor

2.2/3.3kw( 3.8/4.5HP)  

Power of coolant pump

0.1kw (1/8HP), 3PH

Dimension and Weight

Overall Dimension (L × W × H)

1940 × 850 × 1320 mm


Packing size (L × W × H)

2060 × 900 × 1640 mm

Net weight / Gross weight

1550 / 1800 kg


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